Tina McPherson, passionfruit grower and President of Passionfruit Australia says that it is not commonly known that passionfruit has a winter season and that they are a fantastic addition to hearty wintery meals.

“Passionfruit is available all year round but has two key flushes, in summer and winter. Their exotic flavour brings an exciting freshness to winter favourites such as porridge for breakfast, a roast dinner or pudding for dessert.”


“To ensure you are enjoying the best fruit, pick passionfruit that is smooth, plump and heavy for it’s size. It is a myth that passionfruit are only ripe when they are wrinkled. In fact, when wrinkly it means the fruit is starting to show signs of dehydration.”


“In addition to being a refreshing and fragrant fruit, passionfruit is a good source of fibre, a source of vitamin C and low in kilojoules,” added Tina.


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